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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does ProDental Billing offer my dental practice?

A. ProDental Billing is a billing service company that focuses totally on dental practice client needs. Our services include all of your billing requirements utilizing industry specific collection practices and we also address the needs of your patients such as information and documentation. Unlike most medical billing services, who may have some dental clients, our clients are only dentists. We like to say that we are your “total dental billing specialists”.

Q. What are the initial setup costs for  ProDental Billing services?

A. ProDental Billing charges a onetime setup fee. If your practice has multiple offices, there is an additional charge per office. Setup includes staff training, placement of ProDental Billing terminal and scanner in your office, and network configuration.

Q. How will my office staff know how to work with your service?

A. ProDental Billing provides in office training for your staff.

Q. How can ProDental Billing improve my cash flow with regard to insurance claims?

A. ProDental Billing greatly increases your cash flow by utilizing proven methods of insurance processing, follow-up, accurate coding techniques, proper staff training, fee schedule negotiation, and also teaches your staff to increase new patient traffic.

Q. Does ProDental Billing replace one or more of my staff members?

A. It is our suggestion that your current billing staff be utilized in a different capacity. They should be focusing on increased production and giving patients more personalized attention, thereby greatly increasing your patient’s acceptance of treatment plans you initiate. If you have a current vacancy in your office, utilizing ProDental Billing’s services will eliminate the need to fill that position.

Q. Can ProDental Billing handle large businesses, such as multiple practice groups, hospitals and clinics?

A. Absolutely. ProDental Billing’s structure allows us to manage large business needs as well as small. A team of billing specialists is assigned specifically to your office to handle your billing needs. Your team size is directly related to how much business you do a month.

Q. Can ProDental Billing handle multiple dental specialties within a single practice?

A. Yes, we incorporate state of the art technology and the most effective billing techniques available to handle multiple dentists and specialties within a practice.

Q. How long does it take to receive reimbursement?

A. The average time to collect on electronic reimbursement is between 14 to 21 days.

Q. Who will handle my actual payments (checks and cash) and deposits?

A. Your office staff will open all mail, collect all payments and make all deposits. ProDental Billing never handles your money.

Q. Will I see a delay in billing while we are being evaluated and setup to file electronic claims offsite?

A.  No, your staff will continue with business as usual while setup is underway with the exception of training. Training can be scheduled at your office staff’s convenience.

Q. Would it be more cost effective to file electronic claims in-house instead of using ProDental Billing or another billing service?

 A. No, by enlisting ProDental Billing services you will reduce your operation overhead (salary, benefits, office space, hardware and software costs are reduced or eliminated). You will discover that ProDental Billing services employs effective billing techniques that require finite detail. As an example, there are many trade secrets that when applied can result in operational savings and greater consistency in payments. Just as a dental professional specializes in a certain field of practice, ProDental Billing focuses totally on billing and billing practices and is not distracted by patient care as in-house billing staff can often be. We understand government policies, have a greater understanding of programs, constantly keep up to date with the latest in rulings, code changes (CPT and ICD-9 code changes), and have contacts with carriers to stay abreast of internal changes that may have an impact and much more.

Q. Can ProDental Billing collect on  overdue accounts?

A. We can and do collect overdue accounts on your behalf. However, ProDental Billing is a billing service and even though we collect your payments by various means, we do not act as collection agency and when accounts exceed 120 days past due we recommend more stringent action such as enlisting a collection agency.

Q. How much does ProDental Billing service cost?

A. We charge a percentage based on the receivables for your practice. Our fees are competitively priced and we offer discounts for longer contract commitments. We encourage you to ask yourself this question: “How much will ProDental Billing service save me and increase my practice revenue?” Our staff can help you answer this very important question.

Q. Does ProDental Billing charge annual renewal fees, licensing fees, additional charges or are there hidden or undisclosed fees associated with your billing service?

A. ProDental Billing fully discloses all relevant fees from the beginning of our relationship and these charges or fees are clearly stated in your contract. In addition, you may rest assured we never charge annual renewal fees.

Q. Does ProDental Billing guarantee its services?

A.  Yes, we guarantee our services. We feel totally confident that you will be pleased with our services, so much so that we only get paid after you have collected the receivables due your practice.

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